Workshop: Our voice has body

This is an introductory workshop based on my singing method Our Voice Has Body, an approach to singing through yoga, with body postures and participatory vocal practice.

I teach a singing method whereby the physical dimension gradually leads us to reach our mind, and thus reflect our emotions through concentration and consciousness. 


Singing and vocalizing while performing a variety of yoga postures will allow you to hear in a new way and to think your voice in new directions.


This is where the perception work begins, in which body, emotions and thoughts make up one unit.


It should be noted that practicing postures while singing is not only about fulfilling a physical, muscular need for the sake of the sound producing organs, but also a means to achieving concentration in such subtle processes as making music with our own body by singing.

Each physical action targeted at making music - be it singing or playing and instrument, or the awareness of our posture, or of each support in our body - will lead us to a harmonious state in a function I call unity.

We must be aware of the fact that we are a complex system, and that our whole body intervenes for phonation to take place.

One of the pillars of our human nature in evolution has been our erect posture, which is rarely the object of our attention. We walk or stand in a careless manner, which triggers fatigue and tiredness.

When we think of the meaning of the word ‘harmony’, which goes beyond the sphere of music, we are led to think of the balanced proportions of the different parts of a whole, a result of which will always convey beauty.

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