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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariana Masetto is a musician, singer, percussionist, writer and teacher. She has released fiv albums and a single: La Bumbunita 2010; Soy libre, 2012; Mientras viva yo iré cantando, 2014; and Ela e o mar, Narciso, a 7" vinyl, 2016 and Abro 2018. Soy libre was nominated Best New Folklore Artist Album at the 2013 Carlos Gardel Awards, and Best World Beat Album at the 13Th Independent Music Awards. In 2015, her song “Solcito” was nominated Best World Beat Song at the 14Th Independent Music Awards In 2016, her song “Jaguar del monte” was nominated in the same category at the 15Th Independent Music Awards. In 2017 she mastered her song “Encuentro” with Ariel Gato at the Abbey Road Studio with renowned mastering engineer Miles Showell & Alex Gordon, In 2018, her song “Agua del cerro” was nominated in the same category at the 16Th Independent Music Awards.

She is the author of the book Our Voice Has a Body, an approach to singing through yoga, which expounds her very own singing training method.


Through her singing and her playing the cuatro and percussion instruments, and with her repertoire of her own compositions and traditional songs from Argentina, Latin America and the world, Mariana invites us to discover a whole acoustic universe, bursting with new timbres, textures, nuance, and old, ancestral sounds gathered by her with the aid of the discipline instilled in her by yoga over her years of practice and perfection.

Based on folk music rhythms and repertoire from Argentina, Latin American and the world. Singing training based on the method Our Voice Has Body.

New 6to Album
New 6to Album
Le Bonheur
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