Narciso 7'' 33 RPM single vinyl

© 2016



A 7'' single vinyl preview of the song “Narciso” from the artist’s fifth record, currently in recording process. The single includes two tracks from the album Ela e o mar: “Jaguar del monte”, nominated Best Beat World Song at the Independent Music Awards, and “Cuando la mar, la mar”, written by Henry Martinez. Quito Gato plays baroque guitar in “Narciso”.

Side A

1. Narciso - Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato

2. Jaguar del monte - Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato

Side B

1. Cuando la mar, la mar - Henry Martinez

Total Time: 9:20

Mariana Masetto: Voice, talking drum, caxixis, tobilleras and tobillera de cascabel.


Quito Gato: Barroque Guitar

David Bedoya: Cuatro and maracas


Recorded between December 2015 and September 2016 at Bumbunita Studios, Buenos Aires

Recording engineer: Ariel Gato

Mixed and mastered at, recording engineer: Ariel Gato


Produced by Ariel Gato and Mariana Masetto

Realised by Bumbunita música

© 2016

Mariana Masetto’s fourth album. “Ela e o mar” (“her and the sea” in Portugese) is also the name of the fourth track on the record, inspired in the magical landscape of Jericoacoara, Ceará, very near the equator in the Northeast of Brazil, as well as in the Brazilian rhythm forró. This album was born out of Mariana’s eagerness to show her search in the flowing with music as it marks her own life. In it, she expresses her identity as an artist, enjoying being both soft and energetic, sweet, and full of meaning in each word.


mientras viva yo ire cantando

1. Jaguar del monte - Masetto, Gato
2. La jardinera -
Violeta Parra
3. Portal de color - Milton Nascimento, Ricardo Silveira
4. Ela e o mar - Masetto, Gato
5. Florcita de alelí - 
6. Como flor del campo - Raúl Carnota
7. Cuando la mar, la mar - Henry Martinez

8. La flor azul - Mario Arnedo Gallo

9. ColibríMasetto, Gato
10 Hey da ba doom - Collin Walcott

Total time: 31:00


Mariana Masetto: Voice, bombo legüero, talking drum, huancara, udu, caxixis, cowbell, ankle rattles, Colombian tambora.

Celsinho Silva: Pandeiros and triangle

David Bedoya: Cuatro and maracas.


Celsinho Silva: Pandeiros and triangle

David Bedoya: Cuatro and maracas

Arian Houshmand: Santur

Ariel Gato: Cuatro, berimbao and pin chimes


Recorded between December 2014 and January 2016 at Bumbunita Studios, Buenos Aires, and in Araxá, Jericoacoara, Brazil, recording engineer: Ariel Gato, as well as at Celsinho Silva Studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Mixed and mastered at, recording engineer: Ariel Gato


Produced by Ariel Gato & Mariana Masetto

Realised by Bumbunita música

© 2014

Mariana Masetto’s most personal album, including six of her own compositions. The record was conceived of introspectively, and features the artist in contact with the elements of nature and using musical instruments in nonconventional ways.

In 2015 "Solcito" was nominated best world Beat song at the 14th Independent Music Awards USA.

1. Del Muelle - Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato
2. Solcito -
Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato
3. La vida mía - Tradicional
4. Río de los pájaros - Aníbal Sampayo
5. Viento - 
Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato
6. La cocinerita - Tradicional
7. Doña Ubenza - Chacho Echenique

8. Chacarera digo - Mariana Masetto, Ariel Gato

9. Interludio telúricoMariana Masetto, Ariel Gato
10 Duerme cabrito - Mariana Masetto

Total time: 25:06


Mariana Masetto: Voice, cuatro, berimbao, bombo legüero, caja chayera, talking drum güiro, ocarina, huancara, udu, caxixis, cencerro, tobilleras and kalimba.


Ariel Gato: Cuatro, tambora colombiana and djembe bonsai


Recorded between November 2013 and April 2014 at Bumbunita música

Recording engineer: Ariel Gato

Mixed at, recording engineer: Ariel Gato

Mastered at Carlos Laurenz Mastering


Produced by Ariel Gato & Mariana Masetto

Realised by Bumbunita música


soy libre

© 2012

Nominated Best New Folklore Artist Album at the 2013 Carlos Gardel Awards, and Best World Beat Song at the 13Th Independent Music Awards , USA.

A window gaping at an open field, letting Mariana Masetto’s art fly on wings of freedom — that’s the spirit of her second album. A journey that invites us to join her throughout Latin America with her magical voice, over the course of which she describes emotions from love to coolness to desire, joy, awe, and hard reflection. Towards the middle of the way, she takes us across the sea for a brief view of Africa, the continent that has given us so much in its rhythms, from times so remote yet made current in her singing and her connecting each of the songs in the album with the beating of the drums and the percussion.


1. Campo Afuera - Carlos Di Fulvio
2. Piedra y camino - Atahualpa Yupanqui
3. Manifiesto - Victor Jara 
4. Y arriba quemando el sol - Violeta Parra
5. Vidala del lapacho - Manuel Castilla, Rolando Valladares
6. Soy Libre - Atahualpa Yupanqui
7. Kothbiro - Mbarak Achieng / Black Savage Band
8. Que he sacado con Quererte - Violeta Parra
9. Se acuerda Doña Maclovia - León Benarós, Carlos Di Fulvio
10. Sirviñacu - Jaime Dávalos - Eduardo Falú
11. La pietrita clara – México 
/ Echevarría - Jufresa

Total time: 32.14

Mariana Masetto: Voice, cuatro, huancara, bombo leg
üero, cajas chayeras, cajón, cascabeles de caporal, ago-go, palo de lluvia, maraca de poro, shaker, sonajas, semillas, pezuñas, tambora colombiana and kalimba.

Guest musicians
Sonia Alvarez: Harp
Lucas Bianco: Bass


Recorded, mixed and mastered at by Ariel Gato between April and November 2012.

Graphic design: Ariel Gato

Photography: Martín Katz

Artistic production: Mariana Masetto and Ariel Gato

Produced by Ariel Gato & Mariana Masetto

Realised by Bumbunita música


la bumbunita

© 2010

In her first album, singer and percussionist Mariana Masetto offers covers of traditional songs from Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Her unique personal style emphasizes austerity, approaching songs almost always by herself or, at most, accompanied by Mariana Baraj, Enrique Norris, Lucas Loberto or Facundo Guevara, as guest musicians and, in the case of the latter, also as artistic producer. She uses her voice elegantly, showing her folkloric roots, as just another instrument, while also playing a wide array of percussion instruments that are often her only accompaniment.

It is on this truly acoustic dimension of Mariana Masetto’s work that she succeeds in conveying the earthy, handcrafted quality of her music, achieving a warm, intimate sound that might hypnotize you like a mantra. It is hard not to wonder where this girl came from.

Sergio Martín- Los Inrockuptibles.

1. El Palomo - Tradicional, recopilado por Violeta Parra
2. Clavelito Tilcareño - José María Mercado

3. Ausencia - Iván Benavides

4. Dueño no tengo Tradicional, recopilado por Leda Valladares

5. Duerme Cabrito - Mariana Masetto

6. Algarrobo Algarrobal - Chaya Tradicional

7. El Becerrito - Simón Díaz

8. Juan del Monte - Manuel Castilla, Gustavo Legüizamón

9. Leña verde y amor pobre - Trad. rec. por Leda Valladares

10. La Bumbunita - Teuco Castilla, Rolando Valladares.


Total time: 32.14


Mariana Masetto: Voice, bombo legüero, caporal rattles, shaker, rattles, chestnut agogo, congas, poro maraca, garrahand, jingles, seeds, chajchas, Colombian tambora, teponaztle, cowbell, chapitas, piano drum, claps, Tibetan bowl


Guest musicians

Mariana Baraj: Voice and percussion

Enrique Norris: Flugelhorn, pigmeum Voice and percussion

Lucas Loberto: Double bass

Facundo Guevara: Percussion


Recorded at on October 5, 12 and 22, 2009.

Mixed and mastered in November 2009.

Recording engineer, mixing and mastering: Ariel Gato


Produced by Ariel Gato & Mariana Masetto

Realised by Bumbunita música

Filmando Cuando la mar, la mar
En Jericoacoara
En vivo en la Voltereta
Cuando la mar, la mar
Igreja da pedra de Jericoacoara
Pelourinho, San Salvador de Bahía
En vivo en la Biblioteca Café
En vivo en la Voltereta
En vivo en la Gradisca
En vivo en la Biblioteca Café
En vivo Espacio Tucuman