Folk music for voice
and percussion ensemble

Planned and taught by Mariana Masetto


Voice and percussion emerged simultaneously in humanity’s musical origins

Leda Valladares


Vocal and instrumental ensemble: Syllabus

The work is structured around the exercise of independence in singing and playing.

The main goal of the syllabus is to train students by fostering the development of their artistic skills to simultaneously sing and play percussion in an organic manner, working consciously with the whole body (voice + hands + feet), performing folk music from Argentina, Latin America and the world.

Lessons are also aimed at instilling a love of music — music as art, as a means of expression, and as a creator of wellbeing for anyone who believes in its transcendental language.

Lessons are intended for anyone who harbors artistic interests. No musical background is needed, and there is no age limit. 

If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.

African proverb



Introduction / musical initiation

Brief history; a summary account of folk music and the origins of instruments

Elementary notions of musical theory

Music reading


Vocalizations with yoga-related body work: vocal work requires body work.


I have found in yoga a key tool to tone the body, and I have seen great results, not only in my students, but also in many artists who practice it around the world. 


Vocal training based on the singing method Our Voice Has a Body




Percussion technique



Folk rhythms


We will use the bombo legüero as the base instrument, and later explore a variety of instruments: caja chayera, Colombian tambora, ankle rattles, cajón, huancara, caxixis, ocean drum, talking drum, udu, djembe, cowbell and kalimba.


Vocal and instrumental ensemble

Rhythm and melody


Introduction to voice recording

Practical lessons


Students will receive printed material.


Book: "Our voice has body"

Lessons of singing and percussion

The voice


Regarding my experience as an artist and teacher: 


When we work with our body, through our body and for our body, we are able to transcend our physical dimension and reach higher states of consciousness. Our mind becomes calmer and we get to experience a more serene and concentrated state. 


It should be noted that practicing postures while singing is not only about fulfilling a physical, muscular need for the sake of the sound producing organs, but also a means to achieving concentration in such subtle processes as making music with our own body by singing.


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